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At Elite Montana Services, Inc., we establish Montana LLC's for "full-time" travelers. By creating a LLC with Elite Montana Services, the full-timer is creating an entity that is recognized as a legal resident of Montana; therefore, they can purchase and register their vehicle(s) and/or assets under their company name and avoid the sales taxes and high registration fees of their home state. The traveler is not required to come to Montana nor are they required to obtain a Montana Driver's License. The traveler remains a resident of their home state. However, the traveler does need to comply with his/her home state laws and it is the traveler's responsibility to do so.  

Elite Montana Services will serve as your companies Registered Agent and will maintain your company for you. We will also physically register your vehicle(s) and send you the plates (i.e. your vehicle will have Montana plates) an renew your tags for you each year (if applicable.)

You may dissolve your company at any time and Elite Montana Services will absorb the dissolution fees for you. However, because of Montana's lower registration fees, many of our clients choose to maintain their Holding Company until they either stop traveling as often or sell their RV. Either way, you are the SOLE owner of your company and have complete control over the assets you bring in and out of it.  

Setup your MT LLC:

We will establish and maintain your Montana LLC (Holding Company) for you. We will also re-file and provide your Annual Reports for you to the Secretary of State's Office. We will manage and maintain your company for as long as you wish to keep the company active.

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Mail Forwarding:

We also offer a COMPLIMENTARY mail forwarding service to ALL of our clients at NO additional charge!

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Register your vehicle:

We will register your vehicle and obtain your plates for you. Upon receipt of the titlework needed to register your vehicles with, we will have your registration and plates in the mail to you within 2 business days.

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Maintain your LLC:

Elite Montana Services will act as your LLC's Registered Agent and will manage and maintain your LLC for you.

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Best Customer Service:

When you become a part of the Elite Montana Services' family, your happiness and satisfaction becomes our FIRST priority. We know that you may have questions after hours or on holidays, we all have at one time or another, and we want your questions and concerns answered promptly. That's why we are available 24 hours/7 days a week. If we aren't in the office, the company cell phone is always in the hands of one of our friendly staff so that you don't have to wait for a response for even a minute. We always welcome any recommendations on how we can BETTER serve YOU. Feel free to contact the us anytime with any concerns or feedback!

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